Cowichan Valley

Welcome to the home of Hoo Hoo Cowichan Valley Club 229

We are located on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, in British Columbia.  

Our Board of Directors are made up of local people, and we are always accepting new members.  

If you would like to talk with someone and get more information about becoming a member, you can email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.


Featured Events

11/15/2022 HHI - Midwinter Board
1/24/2023 Sacramento - Concatenation
1/25/2023 Black Bart - Industry Night 2023
1/26/2023 Humboldt - Crab Hoo-Hoo Club 63 Feed
2/11/2023 Sacramento - Valentines Dinner & Dance
3/15/2023 Black Bart - Concatenation
4/14/2023 Black Bart - Trap Shoot
5/18/2023 Sacramento - Golf Reception & Dinner
5/19/2023 Sacramento - Golf Tournament
9/8/2023 Cowichan Valley - Hoo Hoo Convention 2023
10/6/2023 Black Bart - Golf Tournament

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Upcoming Events

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Upcoming HHI Events

11/15/2022 HHI - Midwinter Board

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