We are excited that you pressed on this tab, "Becoming a Member." If you work in the Forest Products Industry or support that industry, we would like to invite you to discover how to become a member of the oldest service fraternity in the United States, Hoo-Hoo International. This organization was built on a solid foundation of goodwill and fellowship to all who work in or support this industry. Please contact the Hoo-Hoo International Office by phone at 870-353-4997 or by email [email protected] and ask for Beth Thomas. Beth will be able to direct you to the nearest Club location in your vicinity and a contact person to call. We welcome you to discover the value of becoming a member of Hoo-Hoo International.


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11/15/2022 HHI - Midwinter Board
1/24/2023 Sacramento - Concatenation
1/25/2023 Black Bart - Industry Night 2023
1/26/2023 Humboldt - Crab Hoo-Hoo Club 63 Feed
2/11/2023 Sacramento - Valentines Dinner & Dance
3/15/2023 Black Bart - Concatenation
4/14/2023 Black Bart - Trap Shoot
5/18/2023 Sacramento - Golf Reception & Dinner
5/19/2023 Sacramento - Golf Tournament
9/8/2023 Cowichan Valley - Hoo Hoo Convention 2023
10/6/2023 Black Bart - Golf Tournament

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Upcoming HHI Events

11/15/2022 HHI - Midwinter Board

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