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The GAP Program (Graduate and Prosper)

An educational program developed by Twin Cites Hoo-Hoo Club 12 to educate students about the career opprotunities available in a diverse forest products industry. GAP is a follow-the-dots program that can be implemented easily, quickly and cost effectively by any Hoo-Hoo Club. GAP is a program to benefit people within local communites served by Hoo-Hoo and the forest products industry.


Graduate and Prosper

Featured Events

10/11/2019 Black Bart - Golf
10/25/2019 HHI - HHI Board Meeting
11/1/2019 Cowichan Valley - Cowichan Club 229 Fall So ial
11/13/2019 Black Bart - Concatenation
1/28/2020 Sacramento - Concatenation
1/29/2020 Black Bart - Industry Night 2020
1/30/2020 Humboldt - Crab Feed

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Upcoming Events

10/11/2019 Black Bart - Golf

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Upcoming HHI Events

10/25/2019 HHI - HHI Board Meeting
1/27/2020 HHI - Mid Year Board Meeting
9/18/2020 HHI - 128th Hoo-Hoo International Conv

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