A DREAM which first took shape in the minds of dedicated members of Hoo-Hoo International forty-seven years earlier was realized September 13, 1969 in ceremonies which brought into reality the Hoo-Hoo Redwood Memorial Grove in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park in Humboldt County, Calif.

Special tribute was given Charles D. "Le" LeMaster, who served actively in Hoo-Hoo International from 1917 until his death in 1967. For the last twenty years of his life he was Seer of the House of Ancients. It was largely his inspiration that brought about the fraternity's action to acquire a grove in memory of the men of this organization.

Many complications occurred from the 1922 beginnings toward the goal. At his death, his family hoped to dedicate at Ieast one tree to his memory. Leaders moved quickly, put the goal higher and tried for a grove. The goal now attained, a magnificent grove of mighty redwoods stands for eternity in memory of LeMaster and the international fraternity.  Ceremonies included a banquet at the Eureka Inn, September 12, 1969. Seven rameses were in attendance: Ben Springer, the Seer, LeRoy Stanton, Dave Davis, Ernie Wales, Harvey Koll, Vaughn Justus and Bob Johnson.

In charge of the entire afiair was Larrv Owen as memorial committee chairman. Serving with him on the committee were LeRoy Stanton, Harvey Koll, Al Kerper, Al Bell, and Dee Essley.

Funds to establish the grove were contributed by members of Hoo-Hoo through the Save-the-Redwoods League of San Francisco. Private contributions totaling $5,600 allowed a long cherished goal of the international fraternity, the redwood memorial grove is now a reality.  A plaque honoring C. D. LeMaster and his efforts for the industry was also unveiled.  Contributions were matched by the State of California.

The well managed ceremonies were gready aided by Humboldt Hoo-Hoo Club. President Fran Holmes first welcomed guests and outlined the program.

Larry Owen, since elected new HooHoo president, presided at the dedication ceremony. He told of tlre years of work behind the project and the zeal of all members and working committeemen to bring it to fruition.

Keynote address was given by D. C. Essley, a lifelong personal friend of LeMaster. Essley quoted from LeMaster's moving, poems, detailed the events of his life of service to the industry and introduced his daughter Maybelle LeMaster Pendergast who filled in for his widow, Gertrude, who was unable to attend due to recent serioug illness. Mrs. Pendergast unveiled the bronze plaque which commemorates LeMaster and Hoo-Hoo International.

A luncheon, arranged by Humboldt Hoo' Hoo president Fran Holmes, assisted ably by Lloyd Hecathorn, Frank White and Carrie Cook, followed as did tours of tle ten-acre grove.

 Find the grove on the Map.

Additional information about Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park can be found here.

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