Hoo-Hoo Club #48

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Hoo-Hoo Club #48 is one of the largest clubs in Hoo-Hoo International and the largest club in Canada. Membership is made up of men and women representing all aspects of the forest sector.  We are part of Jurisdiction 5 which also includes the Cowichan Valley Club #229 on Vancouver Island. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming—you don't need to be upper management to join our club—in fact, we don't care what your title is provided you follow the Golden Rule!

Please visit our website at http://hoo-hoo48.org

Featured Events

8/9/2019 Black Bart - Trap Shoot
10/11/2019 Black Bart - Golf
11/13/2019 Black Bart - Concatenation

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Upcoming HHI Events

9/11/2019 HHI - 127th Annual Hoo-Hoo Convention

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