The Black Bart Hoo-Hoo Club #181 serves the northern bay area of California specifically Marin, Mendocino, & Sonoma Counties.

Club MEMBERSHIP is open to anyone who is active in the forest products industry.

The Club is a social club which derives and provides value through the interaction of people from all branches of the forest products industry. The Club conducts 5-7 meetings per year - Poker & BBQ, Golf & BBQ, Clay Shoot & BBQ, Industry Night, and our Membership Meeting.

In support of the communities it operates in, the Club contributes when able, extra proceeds to good causes. Santa Tim, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Toys For Tots, Boy's & Girls Club of America, Long Valley Fire Protection District and Sturgeon's Mill Restoration Project have been recipients of our good will. The Club also contributes to improving the understanding of the value of the forest products industry by sponsoring educational trips for local teachers through the Temperate Forest Foundation.

The Club is sanctioned by the International order of Hoo-Hoo and bound by its bylaws. The club operates within the general guidelines of the International Order of Hoo-Hoo.

The Club is directed by a board of directors and officers. Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month and are open to all current members.

Featured Events

12/6/2019 HHI - Boston Concat Harry L. Folsom Cl
1/28/2020 Sacramento - Concatenation
1/29/2020 Black Bart - Industry Night 2020
1/30/2020 Humboldt - Crab Feed
2/8/2020 Sacramento - 4th Annual Valentines Dinner & D
4/30/2020 Sacramento - Silver Dollar Golf Reception
5/1/2020 Sacramento - Sac 109 Silver Dollar Golf Tourn

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Upcoming Events

12/5/2019 Sacramento - General Membership Club Meeting
12/6/2019 HHI - Boston Concat Harry L. Folsom Cl

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Upcoming HHI Events

12/6/2019 HHI - Boston Concat Harry L. Folsom Cl
1/27/2020 HHI - Mid Year Board Meeting
9/19/2020 HHI - 128th Hoo-Hoo International Conv

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